8 June 2021
US/Pacific timezone

We value the physical get-together, focus, and dedicated time. That's why we have decided to move PDC to 2022, where we are quite sure we all can travel again and get the most out of it.

Trying to replicate the same experience online could only recreate a small aspect of the real meeting, even if it were to be successful. As we have already been waiting some time to get together, we thought it would be great to connect again before next year's meeting.

The result is PDC Discussion Coffee (virtual). Scheduled for the 8th of June 2021, initially. During the abstract submission stage, we may decide to add more dates, depending on demand. 

The format will be quite different from the normal PDC meeting. At PDC, we usually value longer talks, with detail and time to explain. Not just a quick show of the most admirable results, leaving us to wonder if we got the right idea, how it was done, etc.

But with different time zones to bridge and us already spending a fair amount of time in video conferences of one kind or another, we did not want to timetable yet another DbVC (Death by Video Conference) marathon.

At PDC Discussion Coffee the idea is that we have short talks, no more than 5min, no more than two slides, which help us to pitch our ideas, surprises, next project, etc., to stimulate an online conversation about the topic or idea afterward. Everything to be timetabled over 90 min, roughly.